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sumac project

artist/writer residency

A dedicated space where artists, writers, and creatives are invited to contemplate and explore while experiencing the luxury of rural living. 

what artists found

"The sumac project is a home away from home and a studio away from a studio."  C. Sideris

"With sincerest gratitude for two weeks of remote living/making out in the Peterborough County countryside just south of the Kawartha Lakes." Tyler Muzzin

"fresh eggs, fresh air, fresh ideas" 

"Lovely! Sumac's allowed for both a productive stay as an artist and a relaxing one as a resident" Hailey Ferguson

"The amount of care and thoughtfulness put into this program really shows, I was delighted every step of the way. Both the house and host were an amazing addition to a productive couple of weeks. I will be returning for another session soon."  Kate Szabo

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